20-35 Passenger Minibus

20-35 passenger minibus

Looking for the perfect transportation option for your next event? Look no further than a 20-35 passenger minibus. This type of transportation offers a variety of advantages, including a perfect size for small groups, flexibility to meet your specific needs, a more comfortable and intimate experience, a cost-effective solution, and comfortable amenities. 

In this article, we'll explore each of these advantages in detail, helping you to make the best decision for your next event.

Perfect Size for Small Groups

A 20-35 passenger minibus is the perfect transportation option for small groups going to a variety of events, including weddings, sport events, airport transfers, and conventions. With a capacity of up to 35 passengers, it is small enough to navigate through busy city streets and park in tight spaces, but still large enough to comfortably accommodate a small group of people.

20 Passengers Minibus

20 Passenger Minibus

If you're planning to travel with a group of 20 or fewer people, our smallest minibus model may be the best choice for you. This 20 passenger minibus is perfect for transporting guests to intimate event venues or private ceremonies. Your dedicated driver will pick up your guests from their hotels and drop them off at the nearest entrance to the event venue, making the transportation process easy and stress-free.

24 Passengers Minibus

24 Passenger Minibus

A minibus rental for 24 passengers is perfect for smaller sports teams or local school field trips. Enjoy the comfort of reclining seats, personal charging outlets, ample leg room, large luggage compartments, and panoramic windows while traveling with your group. A minibus can make group travel more comfortable and reduce costs per person.

28 Passengers Minibus

28 Passenger Minibus

The 28-passenger minibus offers comfortable and efficient transportation for larger groups. Equipped with reclining seats, charging outlets, ample leg room and a large luggage compartment. This minibus is great for corporate events, sports team trips, or school field trips and comes with a private driver.

35 Passengers Minibus

35 Passenger Minibus

The 35 passenger minibus is a great option for transporting large groups of people comfortably and efficiently. It features amenities such as reclining seats, charging outlets, ample leg room, and a large luggage compartment, ensuring a comfortable and convenient journey for all passengers. This minibus is ideal for corporate events, sports team trips, school field trips, and other group outings. With a private driver, the journey will be stress-free and enjoyable for everyone.

Flexibility to Meet Your Needs

Another advantage of a minibus is its flexibility, Unlike larger buses, it can be easily customized to suit the specific needs of the group. For example, if the group is going to a sport event, the mini-bus can be configured to include comfortable seating and additional storage space for sports equipment. Likewise, if the group is going to a convention, the mini-bus can be outfitted with additional electrical outlets and WIFI to ensure that all of the passengers' devices stay charged and connected.

A More Comfortable and Intimate Experience

A mini-bus also offers a more comfortable and intimate experience for the passengers than a larger bus. With fewer passengers, there is more space for each person to spread out and relax, and the smaller group size allows for a more intimate and social atmosphere. This is especially important for events like weddings, where the group may want to spend time bonding and catching up with each other.

Cost-Effective Solution

In addition, a minibus rental DC also offers a cost-effective solution for transportation. With a smaller capacity, the cost per person is typically lower than on a larger bus and renting a mini-bus could save a significant amount of money for the group.

Comfortable Amenities

Finally, Minibuses can be equipped with amenities such as comfortable seating, air conditioning, and on-board restrooms, making it a comfortable way to travel for a small group.


Overall, a 20-35 passenger minibus rental DC is the perfect transportation option for small groups going to a variety of events. Its size, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness make it a great choice for events like weddings, sport events, airport transfers, and conventions, and the comfortable atmosphere and amenities make it a pleasant way to travel.